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Waltco Flipaway Liftgate: HLF Series Flatbed / Stake Liftgate
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Waltco Flipaway Liftgate: HLF Series

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Available Platforms: aluminum
Liftgate Capacity: 2,500, 3,000, 4,000 and 5,000 lbs
Tuckunder Style: Level ride

Product #: NA

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A tuck under liftgate with a large platform suitable for a variety of truck and trailer applications. Available in 2,500 lb., 3,000 lb., 4,000 lb., and 5,000 lb. lifting capacities. Knurled aluminium platform and galvanized mainframe comes as standard on HLF.

Bed Extention Options: WALTCO offers various bed extension options to accomodate additional needs. -102" Wide Vehicle modification -Walk Ramp Compatible bed extension (bolt-on option for galvanized gates) -Bolt-on bed extension kit EM & HLF Only: -Swing door compatible bed extension HLF Only: -1/2" Thick bed extension *WFL only offers the 102" wide option
Heavy Duty Flipaway (up to 6,600 lb. capacity): Heavy Duty (up to 5,000 lb. capacity) Flipaway Gate features a large knurled platform with individually replaceable extrusions, making the HLF the most popular flipaway choice.
Additional Control Options WALTCO offers many convenient options to allow you to control your liftgate safely. Dual Controls - conveniently allow liftgate operation from the side of the vehicle or from another location. This is convenient and safe for single driver deliveries, allowing less climbing and more control. Hand Held Remote Kit - allows a larger viewing area for the operator. The remote cord moves with you to allow more control and visibility of your work space. Cab-Mounted Shut-off Safety Switch - this swich is mounted inside the cab and allows the driver to keep power to the liftgate off while it's not in use. This feature ensures the liftgate will not be available for unauthorized use.
Standard Galvanization: "Standard Galvanization to all liftgate components to eliminate rust and prolong the life of your liftgate. *Platform in knurled aluminum*"
Easy-Install Features: Standard bolt-on 3/8" thick bed extension, bolt on 2 step dock bumpers with UHMW pads, and Reduced Maintenance Features make installation quick and easy.
Bed Heights 46" - 60": Accommodates bed heights from 46" - 60"
Dock Bumper Options: WALTCO offers many additional options for various dock bumper requests. Some available options for our Flipaway dock bumpers include: Steps -Steel steps (one or two) -Wire rope step Lighting options -no lights -prepped for lights -red/white lighs -red/red lights *Rubber Bumper Pad Kit for C-Series Talk to your WALTCO representative for specific requests.
Cart Stops
Heavy Duty (up to 5,000 lb. capacity): Flipaway Gate features a large knurled platform with individually replaceable extrusions, making the HLF the most popular flipaway choice.
Safe and Fast: Standard power down feature keeps your gate running faster. Hydraulic cylinders are retracted and protected in the transit position to keep them safe from road debris.
Power Options Flipaway: WALTCO offers additional power options for our Flipaway liftgates. Power Down Option - for our Flipaways that come standard with gravity down, we offer the option of power down. Tracter Wiring Kits - we offer wiring kits for your tractor Trailer Wiring Kit - single and dual pole kits and chargers for various setups Cables: - higher amperage cables available (200 amps) - longer 50' cable available (150 and 200 amps)

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You can trust us to meet your needs. Committed to high quality engineering and superior service, we work hard to make sure you always deliver. Reliable, loyal and trustworthy, we are with you North to South, coast to coast and start to finish.

We build reliable, quality liftgates that won’t let you down. Our range is engineered for unrivalled durability in even the toughest conditions, and backed up by professional service to help keep you on the road. Undoubtedly, the best value over the long haul.

We build safety factors into the mechanical and hydraulic design of our liftgates, and use quality components to maximize reliability. WALTCO also works actively to promote the development of safe design criteria and user recommendations for our industry.



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