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WALTCO Liftgates
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Waltco Rail-Type Liftgate: WDV Series Van Body / Trailer Liftgate
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Waltco Rail-Type Liftgate: WDV Series

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Premier heavy duty liftgate.

Available Platforms: steel and aluminum
Liftgate Capacity: 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, and 6,600 lbs.

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The market's premium heavy duty railgate offering high performance. Available in 3,500 lb., 4,500 lb., 5,500 lb. and 6,600 lb. lifting capacities.

Its innovative design ensures ease of operation and low maintenance requirements. Features with vertical tracks that enable the platform to move via cables or chains in conjunction with a hydraulic cylinder (or two hydraulic cylinders directly attached to the platform) for ultimate strength and efficiency. The vertical tracks are welded to the rear frame of a trailer, pick-up truck, service, stake or truck body to ensure optimum safety. The platform conveniently stores over the rear door during travel.

Take your business to the next level with HiConnect: Keep your fleet one step aheawd with next-generation intelligence. Customers can now utilize real time data and notifications to improve safety, reduce downtime and increase productivity throughout their fleet. Connectivity comes as a standard feature with one year of access already included.
Galvanized Platform:
Upgrade to an Aluminum Platform for weight savings and to protect against rust and corrosion.
Knurled Platform: Knurled Platform WALTCO is commited to safety. Our knurled platform comes with a ridged aluminum surface to aid in gripping and create a more non-slip environment than your typical smooth surface.
Platform Safety Lights: Our platform safety lights automatically start flashing when the liftgate tilts open and continues to blink until it is returned to the upright position. This added safety feature increases awarness of equipment use to reduce accidents.
Slide Pads: Our special free-floating UHMW slide pads were designed for long term use with faster replacement and no hardware. We offer a full lifetime warranty on our pads because the strong UHMW slide pads can withstand years of use.
Auto Self-Level: Series hydraulic circuit design means our product self levels. The load can be offset without compromising lifting capacity and the platform always lifts parallel to the truck bed, even if the surface is uneven.
Cart Stops
Header Kit: Waltco offers a standard and telescoping header kit with various lighting options, including LED Marker lights, marker lights, and Grote porch light LED's.
Light Options: Multiple light variations are available, including anti-theft options. Let your salesman know your requirements and WALTCO will have the right fit for you.
Dual Power Unit: Dual Power Unit offers a complete backup power & control switch system, in the rare case that one unit fails. The backup power unit is standard for the WDV-55 and WDV-66 models. With the dual power units, you never have to worry about downtime again.
Cycle Counter: The cycle counter keeps track of your liftgate cycles. This helps to pinpoint when when you should perform product maintenance on your equipment.
Heavy Duty Rail, up to 6,600 lb. capacity: The WDV is our most popular heavy duty rail (up to 6,600 lb. Capacity). This is an ideal liftgate for heavy, multiple cycle loads.
Bed height 40"-57": Accommodates bed heights of 40"-57".
Safety+ features: Platform warning lights, travel lock, dedicated ground, and a backup pump/motor system, are all geared toward making this gate safe.
Power Open/Close: Hydraulic open and close means the operator has less strain and more energy for the deliveries. No lifting or manually folding of heavy platforms.
Standard Galvanization: "Standard Galvanization to all liftgate components to eliminate rust and prolong the life of your liftgate. *Platform in knurled aluminum*"

Waltco - American All The Way

  • Comprehensive solutions for all your needs
  • Maximum performance and lasting quality
  • Dedicated, customer-oriented workforce
  • Great aftersales service

You can trust us to meet your needs. Committed to high quality engineering and superior service, we work hard to make sure you always deliver. Reliable, loyal and trustworthy, we are with you North to South, coast to coast and start to finish.

We build reliable, quality liftgates that won’t let you down. Our range is engineered for unrivalled durability in even the toughest conditions, and backed up by professional service to help keep you on the road. Undoubtedly, the best value over the long haul.

We build safety factors into the mechanical and hydraulic design of our liftgates, and use quality components to maximize reliability. WALTCO also works actively to promote the development of safe design criteria and user recommendations for our industry.



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