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ARCTIC Snow Plows

An authorized Arctic snow plow distributor, Quality Truck and Equipment offers Arctic Sectional Sno-Pusher snow plows. For more information and best price, please call 800-678-2459.

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Cust costs!
- Sectionalized Plows allow you to cut the time in half over conventional snow pushers.

- Fewer passes to do the same job saving fuel, wear and tear, labor and other expenses.

- Save over 50% on your salt usage and costs getting a cleaner sweep the first time not having to make numerous passes.

- Individual sections drop down and contour to the ground picking up more snow leaving only a fraction of the slush behind which only requires a light dusting to prevent freezing overnight.

- One contractor has over 450 of these running in a major city because he can bid the jobs lower while increasing their margins.

- Contact us for any assistance with finding your right ARCTIC Sno-Pusher and Parts 309-822-2706.

* SEE THE VIDEOS for each Sno-Pusher, in both the Videos and Sectional Advantage tabs.
Arctic CD Sno-PusherArctic Sectional Compact Duty Sno-Pusher

Call for best price.
Arctic LD Sno-PusherArctic Sectional Light Duty Sno-Pusher


Shipped to your door.
Reg: $8,399
Our Cost / Your Cost: $6,000
Price includes shipping.
Arctic HD Sno-PusherArctic Sectional Heavy Duty Sno-Pusher

Call for best price.
CALL for more information & best price 800-678-2459

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