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"I have had the Ikon XD 52" for 5 weeks now. The mower has exceeded my expectations in every way. The Kohler 7000 24 horsepower engine is quiet compared to some of the other offerings. Operating the mower is very comfortable as long as you keep the speed down. The controls do take some getting used to especially if you used a lawn tractor for 25 years. It is a quick process to become comfortable with if you take your time and stay aware of your surroundings. My mowing time has been cut down by slightly more than 50%. I realize a part of the time savings is because of the increase in deck size from 38" to 52", but a Hugh time savings in no requirement for backing up and pulling froward. The zero turn really shines in tight spaces such as the areas around our gardens. If Ariens provided a tow assembly I would give the zero turn 5 stars. his is not to distract from the Ikon XD in no way. However if you survey the competition you will find this is standard on most zero turns. The quality and workmanship on this Ikon XD is outstanding. I am pretty sure the finish is baked but I can not verify this, baked finish or not I should hold up well. I recommend this product if you are ;looking for a zero turn replacement or if you are looking for your first zero turn.."
- Kansas

"As the title says this mower tackled 6 over grown acres in 2 hours. The deck was set at 2.75 inches the grass was just below my knee and I’m 5’9” as a reference. The grass was extremely thick in some areas, in those areas it took two passes. No mulch kit installed with factory equipped blades, IMO it doesn’t need a mulch kit it turned out beautiful. I also love that the company has a ton of how to videos on how to make adjustments and repairs available on YouTube. I like their warranty as well, but hope I will never have to use it. Keep up the great work over there at Ariens. I’m impressed."
- Virginia

"While paying close attention to any indication of structural stress and/or overload symptom on the mower's engine or drive-train (of which there were absolutely none), I was not overly gentle to the mower during its lengthy maiden voyage because I had to determine which of the many problem areas it could reasonably handle on my rough and uneven 6-acres of rural Texas hill country that previously had to be done with a push mower because they are not accessible by my compact 4WD diesel tractor towing a PTO-powered 4-wheel finish mower. Not only did the Apex 48 send my push mower to a garage sale, but it's power and extreme maneuverability also allowed me to mow an additional two acres (cluttered with many trees, large rocks and other obstacles) in one-third the time it previously took the tractor making numerous straight line passes from different angles to complete. The 48-inch (model# 991153) is the smallest width in the APEX line but was the perfect choice for mowing on uneven terrain where greater width of the mowing deck creates very a cumbersome beast that is difficult or impossible to maneuver around and between numerous, closely-spaced obstacles on rough/uneven ground. The much heavier duty commercial-grade construction of the APEX model along with its large front caster wheels using solid rubber tires (13-inch total diameter) made it the only reasonably-affordable mower that my assessment determined to be sturdy enough to easily take on the challenging areas I mow because those large diameter front caster wheels greatly reduce strain on the frame and drive train by smoothly rolling-over small obstacles and turning much easier on rough or uneven ground that otherwise pose great impedance to smaller wheels. Additionally, the lift up floor panel makes it much easier to clean off the mower deck and will be a great access advantage when it's time to change mower belts. Well Done, Ariens!! "
- Glen Rose, TX

"I am using this in a small farm service.I found it cuts our grass great.And handles the pasture great.Runs great.....this is the one to buy."
- Sulphur Springs, TX

"The Apex 52 cuts great. Easy to maneuver and is fast. Absolutely love this mower. Quieter compared to other brands I looked at. "
- Fayetteville, NC

"I just got this (Apex 60) mower this afternoon and we have been having a lot of rain here it rained all last night and most of the day today so when I got it I mowed my lawn it was pretty wet and it mowed it like it was dry and it only took me an hour to get it done and with my old one it would take me 2.5-3 hours to do it this is a fantastic mower."
- Dexter, NY

"Great mower (Zoom 34) well built. Old mower had no turning radius, so I just hit the high spots and used a push mower to get the trim. Then a weed eater to finish. Now I have no need for a push mower. I have had my mower for 7 years and have had no problems. Fun to ride and a great time saver. "
- Valparaiso, IN

"I wanted to share my thoughts about the Ariens Zoom 42 I received yesterday. I have wanted a zero turn tractor for quite some time and wanted to treat myself due to me turning 50 years old in a few months. There are many zero turn tractors in the market place and I researched many online. I chose the Ariens Zoom 42 due to the high praise and positive remarks concerning this mower. When the trucking company arrived yesterday with my order I felt like a kid at Christmas. I ordered the mower from Mchenry Power Equipment in Mchenry Illinois online. The salesman Art was very helpful and professional. When I finally got the crate removed I was totally impressed with what I saw. The pictures I reviewed online did the mower no justice. The quality and craftsman ship A+++. I checked the oil and added fuel and boy did it come to life. The Kohler 20 HP engine was very smooth and strong. I tried the mower out today and the cutting performance and power were incredible!!! No bog and the mower zipped through with no trouble. Thanks Ariens for a great mower at a great price!!!"
- Mcdonough, GA

"This machine is simply put amazing! Having had bad experiences with Koehler motors before I got my IKON X with the Kawasaki. Am more than impressed with its performance and speed. This thing makes mowing fun again. If you purchase one of these from the big box stores I strongly suggest checking over the nuts and bolts specifically around and under the seat. Mine were loose. Not Ariens fault by any means but the store I bought from didn't put it together right. Deck lift pedal was also on backwards. Not Ariens fault and an easy fix. Thank you ariens for a great product. "
- Maine

"Beautifully built mower. Easy to handle. Cuts fast and clean. I purchased a Grasspacker brand grass catcher....the mower fills it perfectly. I mow my perimeter with a push mower and weed whacker...the. I get to get my bottle of water and ride.... beautiful! Love the high back seat and arm rests on this Ikon XL. The Kohler engine is very quiet. Seems like this unit is pretty close to commercial grade for a very fair price. Fab deck, large tires, strong frame, etc. I'm going to get a a tow behind spike aerator for it."
- Massachusetts

"I've had the LM Push Mower mower for a month, and really like it. It rolls well (I didn't want a self-propelled mower) and cuts well. The bag also works well. As I mentioned above, the only issue I have with the mower is that the drain plug to change the oil is not easy to access."
- Pennsylvania

"I knew from the first pull and start up this was going to be a new adventure with cutting the grass. The lawn mower (LM Self Propelled Electric) is built strong and solid. Mine have the engine powered and built by Subaru that's a big plus in my book. One of the best built engines our there and in have about all of them. I will be buying more Arines products this year. My dad has had their snow blower for years and starts like a dream and works like a dream. Thanks Arines for making my life easier and less stressful as you pull and go to cut the grass. Am a buyer for life."
- Michigan




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