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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy from QTE?
When buying from Quality Truck & Equipment you WILL NOT be directed to an automated answering system or computer. Every time you call with a truck equipment question you will speak to Doug, Bill, Josh or Terry who can answer most questions on the spot without having to call you back.

Where is Quality Truck & Equipment located?
We are located at 1201 East Bell Street, Bloomington, Illinois 61701.


Snow Plow & Lift Gate FAQs

If I order my plow / lift gate from you what can I expect?
In most cases your plow / lift gate will leave QTE within two days from the time the order is processed. You will receive an email with your tracking number as soon as the plow / lift gate leaves our location. We then send you a copy of your receipt to your billing address.

Will a V-Plow fit onto my 1/2 ton truck?
Most V-plows on the market are going to require a 3/4 ton or 1 ton truck to carry a V-plow. The truck's year / make / model / front axle weight / cab style / and bed size all depend on the type of plow that will fit on your vehicle. Please call us to confirm the correct plow for your truck.

What happens if I put a plow on my truck that is too heavy for my vehicle?
If a plow is installed on a vehicle that is overweight there is a good chance of causing damage to the front end axle / suspension of the vehicle. Also, a plow that is too heavy for you vehicle in most cases WILL VOID THE FACTORY WARRANTY on the vehicle. Always call us to confirm the correct plow for the vehicle.

If I am buying a new vehicle and want to install my existing snow plow off of my old truck, what will I need?
In most cases if you remove all of the components off of the existing vehicle the plow is installed on, you will only have to replace the vehicle specific mount and headlight harness. In some cases you might be able to reuse all of the existing components so it is always best to call us and confirm the correct part numbers.

If I purchase a snow plow or lift gate from QTE do I have to have a commercial address to receive the plow?
We will always recommend a commercial location to receive the equipment, if you do not have a commercial location to receive the equipment, we can deliver to a residential address for a small up-charge.

I am in Canada and want to purchase a plow / lift gate for my truck, what do I need?
When shipping a plow or lift gate into Canada it is the customer's responsibility to obtain a customs broker to receive the freight at the border. The customer is also responsible for the HST fee into Canada. It is always best to have your broker contact us prior to shipment to make sure all of the paperwork is in order before the plow / lift gate leaves QTE.

I have an older Western / Fisher cable operated snow plow, can I still get parts for my plow?
Many parts are still available for these plows except the mounting brackets for the vehicle, in most cases these mounts have be discontinued. Please contact us to confirm available parts.

I am installing a snow plow / lift gate myself that I purchased from QTE and I have a question, what should I do?
Call us and they can help with most all questions regarding new snow plow / lift gate installation.

Contact us with questions:
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