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"Pro-Turn 400 mower is so over built , like mowing the yard with a luxury tank ! Unstoppable fx1000 engine. BEST ride available. Period !!!! Quality product is a understatement. Owed for two years and look forward to mowing everything and every chance I get. Air ride seat is crazy good."
- Shannon, VA

"This is my first ZTR and I am very pleased with its performance, size, and power. I mow a 10 plus acre lawn and must have a mower that is comfortable, powerful and as fun to use as possible and this mower fits the bill. I used to use a 72 inch finishing mower pulled by a Kubota tractor but now I use this Gravely only. The 13 gallon capacity gas tanks are nice. The seat is the most comfortable I have on any of my equipment. Grass cutting height is precise and fairly easy to use although it requires a strong leg to raise the deck using the adjustment petal. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 250# but this mower is comfortable. I recommend this well built USA made mower."
- Fayetteville, TN

"This is the best mower I have ever owned. I have five acres to mow and I went from mowing for 3+ hours to under 2 hours to mow the property. Dual gas tanks are great and the mower is easy to maintain. Compared to other mowers I've owned, very little grass clippings accumulate under the cutting deck. Nice wide tires are gentle on the turf and the seat springs make for a comfortable ride. This mower is lightning fast and delivers a great cut. The best part is that my wife will now volunteer to cut the grass which would never have happened before this purchase. I paid around $7400 for this machine, but with 0% financing the payments are no problem. I would definitely recommend this machine to anyone who is tired of spending a lot of their time cutting their lawn. I joke that this mower has made me a better father by giving me many more hours to spend with my kids, but I guess it's really not a joke. If you are on the fence, buy this machine today. Your wife and kids will thank you."
- Wisconson

"This thing rocks. Awesome cut quality, fast, and docile! I am ecstatic on how this performs. Coming from a Exmark Metro 36", this runs circles around it. Not only is the Gravely Wider and Faster, it doesn't wear on the joints like the Exmark does! The Kawie FX691V is an exceptional motor and smooth with gobs of power. It will run wide open as fast as you can. I would buy more of the Gravely's in the future!"
- South Dakota

"Best zero turn I've ever been on and bought. Looking to buy another one for my father. You will not regret buying a Gravely."
- Rufus, TN

"I've look at most of the other zero turn machines out there and I wasn't to overall impressed. Then I heard of Gravely. My first impression is "Yikes, thats a lot of money for a mower". After looking at the overall picture, the money was well worth it. This machine cuts like a dream. Even high grass and weeds are no match for it. I've been using it for about a month now and I am very happy with this. Going to get the bagger kit next. My only regrett is that the nearest dealer is around 45 miles."
- Bristol, NH

"I've owned my ZT HD 60 for 5+ years. Mow 2-3 acres sometimes in the rainy season 2 times per week. Do my own oil changes on both the Kawi engine and Hydro-Gear motors. So simple to maintain and parts so readily available at Cutting Edge Lawn equipment in Lakeland FL. Would I buy again? "You bet without hesitation". My neighbor was impressed enough to buy the same model but 5 years newer last week. That speaks volumes. Residential model? Not really. Just compare this beast to the true residential models at the big box stores and the differences are very evident. Thin pressed metal compared to welded steel! Buy Gravely is my vote! "
- Lakeland, FL

"Two years ago we purchased a home with almost (3) acres. The property has a lot of rolling hills and steep drop offs. Other companies told me I should purchase a commercial mower or the residential models probably wouldn't last long. After visiting my local Gravely dealer, they recommended one that fit my budget and assured me this should be just fine for my property. It's two years later and I couldn't be happier. It's never given me any problems and provides a finished cut EVERY TIME! I'm a Gravely customer for life!"
- Maryland

"Excellent 48 inch finish mower. Absolute control minimizes trimwork. Design flexibility makes this a most versatile machine. All season use maximizes utility and investment."
- Deleware




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