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"Just brought home a 660, replacing a Deere Z655 zero turn. I'm blown away. What first got my attention was the gauge of steel used throughout, the full-bead welds, the build, the finish, and the size. I have a lot of acreage and a bad back, never a good combination., When I first sat on this beast I was floored by how comfortable it was. When I brought it home I realized that I would have to get out of the habit of clenching my teeth so the fillings don't fall out: The impact of my uneven terrain (in places) was maybe 10% of what I was used to on the Deere. The seat suspension is REALLY good in a way maybe only someone with a degenerative disc disease could appreciate, where every bump hurts. The speed of this mower is insane, but in a good way: The same area that took me almost 30 minutes on the Deere I did in about half the time without risking life and limb without maxing out the aforementioned speed. It backs out of tight spots going uphill that the Deere would refuse to climb. Its power makes the Deere look and feel like a cheaply made toy by comparison. It's SOLID. I mean, really solid. The deck has steel strap welded along its bottom edge; the Deere deck was basically just a stamped shell of 16 or 18 gauge steel, and several years of accumulated low speed dings had combined to warp it slightly, requiring its replacement. I don't see that happening with this machine. I walked out of the dealership wondering if I was nuts spending $14K for a mower; after using it once at home I think it would have been nuts not to. I can't praise the quality of design or construction highly enough: The result is a mix of ATV, zero turn mower, sports car and miniature Humvee that absolutely has to be test driven to fully appreciate. The intelligence of design is evident as well: All components and parts, especially the engine, are very easily accessible. This is probably the last mower I will ever buy; I expect it will easily outlast yours truly. May hat is off to Gravely for this beautifully designed, thought out, and carefully and solidly USA-built machine. Do yourself a favor and test drive one of these if you're ever out shopping for a new zero turn mower. It's THAT good."
- Mico, ME

"Gravely 992500 Proturn 252. My property is hilly so I needed a more powerful lawn tractor. After a short summer of cuts and being well into leaf season, here are my user review comments: Very powerful tractor. Cuts well, basically mulch all my cuttings back onto the lawn. It’s a bear of a machine for my 3 acre lawn application, took some getting used to, like any piece of equipment. Read other reviews of rider discomfort, I find that slowing down a bit on bumpy areas does the trick and enjoy the suspension seat. Once I learned that, all is great and safer too. Controls are quite responsive and appropriate. Now onto the fall season. I have the triple bagger with leaf attachment. Like every New Englander I dread autumn and the blowing/raking of leaves. We’ll, this 252 is amazing. Matt and Yankee told me this mower would pick up everything, and it does. I’ve yet to start my leaf blower or touch a rake. I am very impressed with the power and mulching qualities of the 252. With three bags, capacity is great. Not a thumb blister to be seen. Ive removed and put on the discharge attachment enough times to say that there’s some weight there, but it’s ok. Just take your time, line up the connection, thread the belt and you’re food to go. The tension release lever is critical and works well. I’ve yet to throw a belt, which I was warned Very pleased so far. The gents at Yankee Equipment in Putnam, CT and Matt Person at Ariens have been patient and responsive with my purchasing and operating questions. Thanks to all."
- Stuart, CT

"This is my second Gravely. The Pro-Turn 100 is probably more of a machine than I need but I needed that air ride seat. My back no longer hurts after several hours of mowing. The cut was not as clean as my other Gravely. After discussing this with my dealer, Powerhouse Outdoors in Warner Robins, Ga, a different blade was recommended. Problem solved."
- Austin, GA

"Started my landscape business in March of 2019 with the Compact Pro 34. This machine is a tank! It cuts beautifully, it's fast, maneuverable and fits through most residential gates. I've had zero mechanical issue with this machine and I've been nothing but pleased! Bad reviews regarding ruts in yards is a operator issue IMO as this machine, although heavy, is agile and responsive. I did ditch the factory blades and cut with Gator blades. I also own a 48' Grasshopper and the Gravely's build quality out shines that machine by a stretch- I'm looking to sell the GH and replace with another Gravely. Gravely= a great return on my investment!"
- Steve, TX

"I just finished mowing for the first time with my new ZTHD52. The speed and maneuverability are amazing in comparison to my previous lawn tractor with a 44 inch deck. I was done in half the time with much less effort. My wife says she is afraid I will spend a lot on gas this summer because I will want to mow every day. I added the gravely hitch kit. I was tempted by the cheaper kits online but I'm glad I went with the Gravely. The engine heat shield and rear frame are pre-bored for the Gravely hitch kit which makes mounting it an easy half hour task."
- Bob, IN

"42" deck is perfect for my rock encrusted yard. I beat the heck out of it and nothing bends or breaks. Starts right away. Decent on fuel. Turns on a blade of grass. I do the oil-filters-plug- blade sharpen thing every 2 years. Only complaint is I throw the deck belt about once a year (sticks can wedge up there), but that's OK....I rather fast at changing them now (just keep a spare)."
- Wayne, PA

"As a business owner, this mower is the best investment I could if purchased! It’s powerful, smooth, center of gravity is great! Also, the mulch kit is a must if you want your lawns to look crisp with no piles of clippings left behind. I work in higher end neighborhoods and this is an absolute must. I took some air out of the tires, to help when turning, so as to not leave any ruts, with practice this is absolutely not an issue. I love standing at such a high view, gives me great visibility to see those sprinkler heads or other objects. The safety features are great. Over all, it’s great! And 32”! I can fit through any gates with ease! Also, I’ve cut super high grass, waist high and some parts higher with the mulch kit! Absolutely no issue. Took a few passes, but it handled it with ease. Oh and one more pro, this thing has a 7 Gal tank! And sips gas. Overall, super happy with my purchase."
- Matthew, TX

"Wow, what a machine! Best build quality of anything out there compared to exmark, scag, Ferris, Hustler, Cub cadet and I looked at them all. Controls are just like exmark. But the build quality is superior. Take a look at the rubber grass shoot and how simple it is to move up and out of the way and stays in place. I'll still construction! No plastic like the Toro. And check out the rear wheel size, biggest in class for the greatest contact patch area which is especially important on hills which I mow a lot of. Still breaking it in but it's got everything I want on it. I have yet to discover any quality defects whatsoever. Can't go wrong with Best in class and a hundred year tradition of excellence. What really surprises me is that more people don't take a closer look at this pro walk, hydrostatic unit. Once you do, and demo it, you will become a believer just like me. I had no preconceived notions of any machine before I went out and bought this one. I looked at them all objectively and fairly. Highly encourage you getting the laser cut mowing blades, the last much longer than any other standard mowing blade. I've nicknamed this machine, "the beast". Maneuverable, quick, cuts up the grass so fine you will not need the mulch kit at all. One of the best features is it's ability to handle hills because they move the engine forward so that the machine has a true center of gravity unlike the ferris, exmark and other models which front end will lift up on you. The gravely front end does not lift up on hills, a major advantage. It's an old-fashioned machine with great engineering and built like a tank."
- Mike, MD




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