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"I have had the Mulch Kit installed on my Dash for while and have loved every minute. Just the fact that I could get the mower in even tighter spaces by removing the chute. I attached before and after shots of a large leaf load and what a SINGLE pass does. I would typically checkerboard this thing with my old mower to get it even that close, and i wasn't being too careful since we have a long way to go with leaves. Doesn't bulldoze too much and does a good job of keeping the leaf debris from blowing around."
- Groton, CT

"i just purchased this mower a week ago from my local Lowes. And i'm pretty sure i'm hooked now. I've had craftsmen, cub cadet, and a snapper. Granted none of them were a zero turn. But they were still a riding mower. This is by far the BEST i've had. Got it first thing in the morning. Cut my grass in less than an hour. Enjoyed it so much, I went cut my neighbors yard, then went to my mother-in-laws to cut hers. And made it back home for lunch... Super impressed. I would recommend this FANTASTIC machine to any and everyone."
- Lafayette, LA

"My Raptor Limited was bought back close to the beginning of this cutting season, and has made mowing a joy instead of a dread. Love the Kawasaki engine, wide rear tires, and armrest you get with the limited. This engine is quiet, great traction with the tires, and a very comfortable seat. I added an aftermarket spring suspension that is a bolt on that moved the ride from good to great. Just wish is had taller tires to make the ride even better, but that normally comes with the higher end mowers, no matter what brand you choose. Great folks to work with so far, nice to be able to test drive and get extra info before a purchase, I will go back with any future needs."
- Oakboro, NC

"...better than all the rest! Seriously though, the Raptor SD has exceeded all of my expectations. We bought a property that had been severley neglected for years. 3.5 acres of buffalo grass and some fescue. This machine turned it into the property we'd hoped for in just a few mowings. The 54" deck is tough and durable. The mower has plenty of power and runs like a dream. The hydrostats are the smoothest I've ever operated. We are up to 24 hours on it and it hasn't missed a beat. The 0% financing was a no brainier as well. Do yourself a favor and take one for a test drive, then buy one. One note, I did add the engine guard, a necessity for the trees and bushes I have to mow around."
- Phillipsburg, KS

"I bought my 54” Raptor SDX with the 23Hp Kawasaki on it almost 4 weeks ago. I know December of all times was a weird time to buy it but, after getting a leaf cleaning estimate it was time. My dealer knew I was interested in the copperhead mulching blades so they swapped them for the stock blades. I managed to use it for 2.9 hours cleaning up the leaves. It pulverized piles that I had stacked 11” deep. Our yard now looks great even after the snow has cleared. The two main negatives I heard were about the blade height plate being in letters (not numbers) and the spindle/belt cover plates collecting debris. I fixed both of these so you now can see the height in numbers and you don’t need a wrench to remove the deck covers anymore. I bought this machine to save time and I already know it will. I’m just waiting more time before I review it more. I compared other ZT mowers and figured I’d get the best bang for a buck with the Hustler. Hopefully I don’t need the extended warranty and if I do my guys at Wando Power Equipment will take care of it. I heard about bolts falling off and hopefully all that is nonsense and partially Lowes fault? Hopefully this will be my best first zero turn but, the summer will tell. I wanted the Fastrack SDX but, my wallet settled on the Raptor 54 SDX. I compared many reviews and models but, I wound up with this. Hopefully it was a wise decision but, time/hours will tell."
- Summerville, SC

"This is my second hustler mower. My first still running like a champ! It’s the x one. I seen this flip up deck and I couldn’t resist. It is more than I thought it would be. The poor x one is being neglected now. The flip up deck for cleaning and sharpening blades can’t be beat. Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! As stated in a previous review I will not shop around. If ever I am in the market for another mower I am in the hustler family for life! I wish hustler would come out with blowers, weed wackers, chain saws, edgers and any other lawn equipment built from the same quality. I would be first in line!"
- Michigan

"I have had the FasTrak SDX for about 1 year. So far it has preformed very well. One thing about it, it is tuff!!!!! I have not abused it, but I have not been gentle with it either. So far I have not experienced any problems. I looked at alot of different mowers before buying this one. For the money, its a good deal. I bought mine at a Hustler dealer, and I explained how much I had to mow and what I was looking to spend. This was the one suggested for me. It is easy to operate and mows great."
- North Carolina

"Started a side lawn care business back in 2007. Started off with a 42" super duty 19 Kaw engine still have by the way. Bought my X One a few years ago when they first came out. Simple said its a beast 54" 31 Kawasaki with mulch kit. Everything from the simplicity of maintenance to the heavy duty structure. Lifetime on deck , I mean come on It's an amazing machine. The belt system is so simple minded but at the same time genius!! I'm sure the other commercial brands are good ,but for my hard earn money it's HUSTLER all the way!! Up to you keep your blades sharp. END OF STORY."
- Fayetteville, GA

"I have been and I am happy with my Husler Super Z and the performance is still going after ten years old and I just now had to replace the coils on the mower, and I am not being paid or promoted to say this, and I will be the first to tell you that I love to make a crowd of people who are interested and watching how fast I can get a yard done. My yard is 1.9 Acer's I am finished and parking into my garage and having a my dew in exactly 45minits. If I have to buy a lawnmower today and tomorrow they are no way that I will be without a Husler super Z, I am from WNC and I hope that I have been very helpful and my words to say that I have been very truthfully and I hope that you get one of these and get a great experience of a lifetime"
- Candler, NC

"I have owned three 35hp Kawasaki 60" machines and they are absolutely second to none. They are designed with power, serviceability, and overbuilt ruggedness that is not found in other machines. Other than typical wear items, I have not experienced any problems whatsoever and would highly recommend to any professional looking for the ultimate mower. The ride is good, but the smoothness of the hydraulics is where you really get to experience what you have invested in. Blades are a snap to change and the the grease fittings are easy to access. Will purchase again when its time to replace."
- Walker, LA

"I went to the dealer on my area and had a test drive and immediately felt in love with this machine. I am very happy with the TrimStar performance. The cut quality is very good. The TrimStar make very nice strips. The thing that I really like is the H Bar. This Bar is very easy to handle, precise, and any employee can use this machine and look like an expert even in their first time using it. The other great thing that I like is that you can adjust the desk height in seconds with one hand. This is my second year in business, and I am looking to buy a 36" mover to replace my other brand."
- Woodbridge, VA

"I’ve always been a Hustler fan but the Rear Discharge deck took it to a new level. Combined with the Diesel, this is by far the most efficient and fastest cutter mower that I’ve ever used. I service it once a year and include fresh blades. Just finished my 4th season on it with no problems at all. I won’t use anything else!"
- Kellyville, OK

"Very good machine - this is our 3rd Super S for our business & we will eventually convert all of our zero turns to the hyper-drives (needed for LARGE commercial mowing). Save on the back, increase visibility, leave a perfect cut. We have one with the mulching deck with is amazing but you can put hybrid straight/mulch blades on the standard setup & they still mulch incredibly well with the chute cover closed. I do look forward to Hustler improving the deck height system (lot of weight on one handle) but these are easily the best stander style mowers out there - other brands don't even compare."
- Winter Haven, FL

"We use our Z 104 on a 55 acre campus. Just by having this mower we have shaved a whole day off of mowing. It is a gas guzzler though. A gallon an hour it ! I really wish it had a diesel engine. Its a smooth ride and the frame is holding up. just wish it didn't collect the grass in the skid plates like it does. I really like this mower and it works well for me I just think with a few improvements it could be outstanding."
- Blackfoot, ID



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