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"I have had this mower (DASH 34) for two years now and it really does the job. I am 72 years young and not only mow my lawn but three others. I needed a mower under 38" to get through a few places. I have added a radio and lights. The radio I listen through headphones. The deck is real steel looks like 11 gauge. The only thing I have found wrong was some one forgot to put a washer on one of the blade bolts. That blade would stall and quit cutting. Easy fix."
- G Robinson

"Took delivery of my Dash XD today, and couldn't be happier. I bought the model with the Kawasaki FR541V (15hp) and a 42" cutting deck. It took a while for me to make my decision for two main reasons; one was availability of in stock mowers locally, and two I wanted to be sure that I was making a purchase to satisfy my need and not my ego. I didn't want to make the mistake of buying too much mower just to have a "cool" toy. Once I decided what size mower I wanted, I had three brands I was considering. Hustler won the comparison, plain and simple. Price, performance, warranty, and availability gave it the edge. I know some commercial cutters that provided me testimonials concerning all three brands I was considering, and Hustler was the best option for me. The only complaint is the gas tank design. I read in several other reviews that it was odd. It is. The neck of the tank flows into the mid/lower portion of the tank, causing fuel to come up the neck before the tank is full. I have already looked at some options to remedy that. I'll have that solved soon. That was nowhere near enough to be a deal breaker. I brought it home, fired it up, and got busy cutting. This machine flies! I bought the smaller machine to operate efficiently around the obstacles in my yard. This one does that very well, but has impressive speed also. It provides a nice even cut, plenty of torque from the motor, smooth operation of the drive handles, and a surprisingly smooth ride for a smaller machine. Maneuverability is excellent. I am totally impressed with this mower. I'm glad I made the decision on this model. It's perfect for my yard size (just under an acre). I'm looking forward to having this mower for many years to come."
- J Williams

"Ive had my Raptor for one year.. I havent had one issue with it yet except all the neighbors want me to cut their grass.. more power than i need and turns on a dime and always starts right up.. I had the mulching kit put on and it also does a great job. the price point you cant beat and financing was easy. the finance company had a 3 year no interest special going... just a awesome unit"
- K Lentz

"This is my first zero turn and my first new mower (besides a self propelled 21" push). I had a second hand 2006 Gravely walk behind 36" I loved, but a hand injury made the brake steer a real chore. After a few months of looking around and reading up, I decided on the Hustler. What a phenomenal mower. The suspension forks are great, its fast, comfortable and has more than enough power for tall grass. It's well built and solid. So far there is nothing I dont like. Kaw engine just puts the icing on the cake. I talked about it so much, a friend went out and picked up the same machine. He loves his as well. Makes me enjoy mowing my lawn again."
- M Mazza

"I can mow in a fraction of the time it has taken me with the brush mower on my tractor and it can move around and through all my trees so nicely. I have mainly used it for mulching the leaves this fall since purchasing it and it does that beautifully."
- D Goodrich

"I mow just over 4ac with this mower. The Kawa engine is smooth and powerful, as are the drives. Seat is comfortable and everything seems easy to operate. Entire machine feels heavy-duty and well-built. First time mowing it started pouring halfway through, barely slowed this machine down. High blade speed, heavy weight, and grippy tires are to thank for that. Overall I'm very happy with this purchase."
- J Lackey

"I bought this mower in August of 2021, through my local dealer. Received the military discount as promised and decent trade in for my old zero turn mower (Toro Timecutter 4235, with a Kaiwasaki 22 hp, 42” cut). I’ve been mowing about every 3rd day now since the purchase. Mulching is my game, so this demands a little more out of the machine I think than bagging would. It also requires a clean deck underneath more than a bagging set up. The newer Kaiwasaki engine is considerably more powerful than the one I had though the HP rating is only 1 horse more on the new mower. All mowing, mulching thus far, excellent. And the clean up, and eventually the maintenance chores will be such a breeze, that was my main reason for changing mowers. I don’t have to remove the deck anymore to do any of that. It’s like not having to climb in the ring anymore for a fight. That’s worth the purchase to this old boy. No fighting anymore! I clean the underneath side in about 2 minutes now. Kudos to Hustler flip ups!"
- K Graham

"Oh, the seat is soooo comfy. It has a wonderful zero turn, just be careful around the smaller trees & bushes. Also, the gas gauge is very handy & functions well. Feels like a very well built zero turn mower. The arms/levers to hold on to & direct the mower are solid feeling. The deck , also, can be stepped on , which is nice."
- H Kaszycki

"I have been and I am happy with my Husler Super Z and the performance is still going after ten years old and I just now had to replace the coils on the mower, and I am not being paid or promoted to say this, and I will be the first to tell you that I love to make a crowd of people who are interested and watching how fast I can get a yard done. My yard is 1.9 Acer's I am finished and parking into my garage and having a my dew in exactly 45minits. If I have to buy a lawnmower today and tomorrow they are no way that I will be without a Husler super Z, I am from WNC and I hope that I have been very helpful and my words to say that I have been very truthfully and I hope that you get one of these and get a great experience of a lifetime"
- Candler, NC

"This mower was gifted to me from my daughter and son-in-law. I love this mower! The rear discharge chute allows me to mow comfortably while not worrying about debris. The seat is wonderful, this is an awesome mower. I've had Bobcat, Kubota, and John Deere in the past, this unit surpasses them all by a mile!"
- L Durden

"Has the power and speed to reduce mowing time significantly. If your yard goes too long between mowing cycles, the taller grass is no problem for this mower. Like the larger fuel tanks too. No negative comments on this product for sure."
- C Baskin

"Purchased after test driving a Grasshopper, Toro, Kubota, and eXmark as well. Far better ride stock than any of those, adding the flex forks is icing on the cake. Vanguard Oil Guard is unstoppable. Mowing 35+ degree inclines no problem. Seeing around 2 GPH with inclines, 1.7 GPH in open areas allowing full speed mowing. VERY pleased, will buy again (if I ever have to)!"
- B Stump

"Bought earlier this year. For reference, I'm a commercial lawn care business for the last 17 plus years. I've been operating a Ferris belt drive and Encore hydro walk behinds for years. With the fleet pricing I bought the 36" Trimstar and sold the others. Nice laid out and well built. Love the electric start as I'm getting older. Also like the large drive wheels and solid front tires. Remote adjust deck is a little overkill IMO but icing on the cake. This will be a very productive machine for me. T-bar steering still taking some getting use to but seems to work well. Another plus is matches! Nice job Hustler!"
- MTmower

"I absolutely love my Super Z's and Hyperdrive mowers. They have everything you would want in a mower for commercial use. Lots of power, great cut quality, fast mowing ability, mulches grass and leaves up great, and they hold their resale value when it's time to buy a new mower."
- D Hill



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