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Tommy Gate Railgate Series: Bi-Fold Flatbed/Stake Liftgate
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Tommy Gate Railgate Series: Bi-Fold Liftgate

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Available Platforms: 2-piece Steel Treadplate w/ 30" base and 30" or 35" base and 35" foldout + 13" tapered, aluminum retention ramp.
Liftgate Capacity: 2,500 and 3,000 lbs.
Rail Style: Steel Rollers
Hydraulic System: Single-Cylinder

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Bi-Fold Railgate Models

The most versatile, dependable liftgates ever seen in a loading bay, Bi-Fold, High-Cycle models support large steel platforms and high lifting capacities while still remaining completely dock-compatible. The platform drop-down function allows work vehicles to load and unload in any manner at any location.

Railgate Series: Bi-Fold Features

  • High-Cycle durability
  • Low-profile, fixed toggle control
  • Self-close system
  • Above-bed travel option available
  • Dock compatible

Low-profile, Fixed Toggle Control: A low-profile control with five-minute inactivity shut-off.
Recessed Light Kit: 3-light kit (two red, one white each side).
Rubber Platform Bumpers: Set of four or six, depending on platform.
Safety Trip Bar: Disengages the lift when an object is detected between the rising platform and the liftgate mainframe.
Self-close System: Cam-arm system opens/closes the platform automatically.
Steel Rollers: Travel vertically within the rail track.
Aluminum, Retention Ramp: 13-inch taper acts as both loading taper and cart retention stop.

Since 1965 The Original Hydraulic Lift, Woodbine, Iowa USA

Woodbine Manufacturing Company is the developer of Tommy Gate, a premier brand of private, commercial, and industrial hydraulic lifts. Established in Woodbine, Iowa in 1965 by Delbert "Bus" Brown, Tommy Gate has experienced steady growth in each of the past five decades and is widely acknowledged as a leader in the industry.

Now sold on five continents across the world, Tommy Gate's strong reputation for quality has been built through a strict adherence to the highest standards of engineering, craftsmanship, and customer service.

50+ Years of Quality Our History

Woodbine Manufacturing Company was founded in 1965, in Woodbine, Iowa by Delbert “Bus” Brown. Working alone, Bus designed and constructed the original Tommy Gate Hydraulic Lift, which he named after his son.

Early stories often recount Bus loading his pickup trailer with up to five liftgates at a time and driving off into the neighboring counties (where he would sell and install them himself), only to return once that trailer was empty.

This was Woodbine Manufacturing Company in its earliest days: a grassroots liftgate manufacturer that was created to ease the work of the local farmers.

Today, the Woodbine factory stands at over 200,000 square feet on the same piece of ground where every Tommy Gate liftgate has been manufactured and assembled for over 50 years. It is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant that embraces a combination of modern technology fused with old-fashioned, hands-on welding and tooling.

Very much alive and well in the twenty-first century, Tommy Gate liftgates are sold by over 1000 distributors in every corner of the world.

Woodbine Manufacturing Company is one-hundred percent family-owned and operated, and has been since its inception. The company takes great pride in the work ethic, history, and traditions of its employees and strives to continue providing jobs and opportunities to the community it calls home.

It is a testament to the spirit of American manufacturing that Tommy Gate began with a single man, in a small, brick machine shop in rural Iowa.


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