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Parkhurst LM1520 Hoist

Parkhurst LM1520

LM1520 is an NTEA class C/20. Versatile in use for body lengths from 8 to 16 feet with truck chassis from 60" to 120" cab to axle provide a variety of lift capacities with dump angles from 40 to 55 degrees.

This hoist is designed for easy installation on today's one-ton cab chassis. The hoist mounts totally above the truck frame eliminating most interference with fuel tanks and exhaust. Optional 2-piece sub-frame offers seven factory set dump angles.

Two choices in hydraulic pumps are available, electric and direct mount. All systems are double acting, power up; power down, for total control of your load. Direct mount pumps have a neutral lock cable and electric have push button control as standard. Body prop is included. All necessary hardware, hoses and fittings are also included.

Another quality built product by Parkhurst, offering a proven design for reliability, strength and trouble free service.

Product #: LM1520

Call for price 309-662-5344

LM1520 Hoist Specifications
Cab to Axle: 60" to 120"
Body Length: 8' to 16'
Width: 96"
Body Longbeams: 60" to 84" CA: 5" by 6.7#
102" to 120": 6" by 8.2#
Hydraulic System: Electric Pump or Direct Mount Gear Pump
Oil Capacity: 9 qt.
Maximum RPM: 1800
Operating Pressure: 3800 psi
Cylinders: Single Cylinder 5" bore
20" stroke, w/o internal relief, double acting
Weight. Complete unit w/o pump or subframe: 418#
Mounting Height: 8.31"
Mounting Distance: 40deg - 106", 50deg - 86", 45deg - 95", 55deg - 79"
Basic Construction: High Strength Steel
Body Prop One included as standard Equipment

Parkhurst Company Started in Garage in 1946

was the headline of the Sedalia Chamber of Commerce paper in August 1966 featuring Parkhurst Manufacturing.

In the spring of 1946, after serving in the U.S. Navy, a young and determined William R. Parkhurst, founded the PARKHURST MANUFACTURING COMPANY in a borrowed two-car garage and built his first two-wheeled utility trailer in these small quarters. In November of 1946 the company re-located in a newly constructed 4,000 square foot building on Broadway and started producing what was to become the mainstay of the Company... the Parkhurst Farm Truck Body. In 1948 a new addition was underway doubling the square footage of the factory necessary because the "Parkhurst" name was now appearing on stake racks, wagon boxes, van bodies and truck bodies thoughout Central Missouri, as well a large number of utility trailers for the rental industry.

Richard Parkhurst son of the founder presided over the company during much of the 1980's. When he left to pursue other business interests William R. came out of retirement to again preside until his death in 1991.

RobaRob Parkhurst, grandson of William R. Parkhurst grew up being educated by his grandfather in all aspects of the company. Rob managed the corporation utilizing progressive technology while keeping the same values and standards of its' founder... to build a quality product at an affordable price.

Rob managed the company from 1991 until his sudden, unexpected death in February, 2012. At the time of his death Rob was the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

Intent on keeping this 66 year old business in the family and operating according to the Parkhurst family tradition and goals envisioned by Rob, the stockholders placed their confidence in Mike Harris who held the offices of offices of Chief Executive Officer and President unitl his retirement in December 2016.

The family has now placed the company under the leadership of Sam Trelow as Chief Executive Officer and President. Sam worked closely with Rob and and Mike for many years as Vice President of Sales and with Sam’s leadership and progressive thinking, Parkhurst will continue its' tradition of quality and integrity.

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