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Air Flo Aluminum Dump Body
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Air Flo Aluminum Dump Body

Lighter, more corrosion resistant dump bodies, the Air-Flo Aluminum bodies increase payload capacity.

Made of durable 5454H34 aluminum alloy, the Air-Flo aluminum body is more than 30% lighter than conventional carbon steel dump bodies.

Extruded aluminum longitudinals combined with extruded aluminum crossmembers spaced every 12 inches creates an understructure with superior strength.

Attention to detail and a clean look in a fully welded aluminum body will give you lasting durability and confidence in your equipment.

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Air-Flo Aluminum Bodies Shine! Great Designs Combined with Superior Strength And Craftsmanship

  • The rugged Air-Flo Aluminum Dump Bodies are built to withstand many years of hard material hauling use and comes with many additional, ready-to-work options.
  • The full aluminum design provides you with an attractive body and offers corrosion resistance, eliminates paint expenses and increases the body value in trade-in.
  • The decreased weight of our aluminum body increase payload capacity, minimizes fuel consumption and improves truck life.
  • 5454H32 aluminum alloy combined with extruded longitudinals, crossmembers, and upper and lower rails of the sides and tailgate give you an aluminum body build to the highest standards.

Air-Flo Manufacturing Co. was founded in the 1940’s by three brothers looking for a better way to harvest onions.

To automate the old style of manually harvesting onions, the company’s founders developed and patented a mechanical harvester. The unique design used the principle of “air flow” to operate the harvester. Their design changed the way onions were harvested and although Air-Flo no longer builds harvesters, that same basic design is still in use today.

In the 1960’s, Air-Flo moved into the manufacturing of truck equipment with the introduction of ice control spreaders. By the 1980’s, Air-Flo added dump truck bodies and the now very popular Flo N’ Dump multi-purpose dump body to their growing line of truck equipment. As the manufacturing business grew, Air-Flo began to grow out of their facility in Prattsburgh, NY.

In 2000, Air-Flo expanded their manufacturing facilities by opening a new plant in Elmira, NY. The Elmira plant is dedicated to manufacturing Air-Flo’s highly popular Pro-Class® and Pro-Max® dump bodies as well as our new product introduction for 2006, the Quick-Silver™ Snow Plow.

Air-Flo’s growth and success is attributed to the company’s manufacturing core objectives that the original founding brothers developed. The focus on innovative design, quality construction, and competitive pricing has served the company well in the past, and continues as a guide today. The company is still family owned and operated by the second generation of Musso brothers. As Air-Flo looks toward the future, with an eye to its core manufacturing values, the outlook is very promising as the company continues to develop and build products for the truck equipment industry.

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