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Anthony DCT Series TuckUnder Van Body / Trailer Liftgate

Anthony DCT Series TuckUnder Liftgate

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Large platform TuckUnder with twin cylinder drive is a perfect fit for a broad range of medium duty applications.
Liftgate Capacity: 2,500 - 3,300 lbs.

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Large platform TuckUnder with twin cylinder drive is a perfect fit for a broad range of medium duty applications.

Key Advantages

  • HD Mechanical Safety Latch
    Redundant-system stowage in addition to hydraulic lock.
  • Large, Spring-Assist Platforms
    Plenty of working space, plus unique coil spring design provides effortless platform operation.
  • EZ Mount
    Ships factory assembled, filled, and tested. Bolt-on ready.
  • Twin Cylinder Drive
    Powerful lift with low pressure helps to extend hydraulic component life.
  • Grease Free
    Service free bushings, used at all critical pivot points, reduce wear and never require lubrication.

Standard Features

  • Circuit Protection
    200 Amp fuse protects truck wiring from a "dead short".
  • Marine Duty Potted Toggle Switch
    Heavy duty toggle, potted to permanently separate and seal electrical connections from corrosion.
  • CHS - Centralized Hydraulic System
    Rugged All sensitive hydraulic and electrical components housed safely within the stainless steel pump box.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty
    3 years mechanical + 3 years electrical & hydraulic, parts and labor.
  • Pressure Compensated Flow Valve
    Constant, controlled speeds at all times. Prevents “free-fall” under certain hydraulic failures.
  • Anthony Premium Polymer Finish
    Steel components are washed, shot blast prepped, and coated with premium finish.

To earn loyal customers by providing high quality products and honest, personal service.

We will continuously improve as a valued workplace to our employees, customer to our suppliers, and steward of the community.

Experienced truck equipment professionals know that often hidden costs matter the most. Downtime, maintenance expenses, and safety problems can really hurt the bottom line.

In our commitment to lower these costs, we've pioneered industry firsts like dual motors, service free sliders, fully assembled shipment, positive electrical connections, corrosion-resistant materials, JIC fittings, and potted control switches.

Anthony brings you the tough, low maintenance products and personal service you need to keep your business moving.


EZ Mount: An Anthony First - Every liftgate is factory assembled, energized, and filled with low-pour hydraulic fluid.

CHS - Centralized Hydraulics System: No solenoids exposed to the elements. Every sensitive component is protected within the pump box.

Retracted Cylinders: Every Anthony Liftgate stows with hydraulic cylinders fully retracted to reduce corrosion and extend piston life.

Low Pressure Hydraulics: Lower hydraulic pressures mean longer service life for pumps , seals, hoses & motors.

Positive Electrical Connections: An Anthony First - Electrical connections are heat shrink wrapped with anti-rotation terminals. Designed and Built in the USA -- Every Anthony Liftgate is crafted in-house in Pontiac, IL with the latest manufacturing technology. That means tight quality control, fast response, and support for good American jobs.



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