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Maxon Lift Gate
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Maxon Railift: DMD Van Body / Trailer Liftgate
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Maxon Railift: DMD Liftgate

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Available Platforms: 1-piece fixed or retention aluminum ramp, 2-piece fixed aluminum ramp
Liftgate Capacity: 2,200 and 3,300 lbs.
Hydraulic System: Twin-Cylinder

Product #: NA

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The DMD is an innovative medium-duty, fully hydraulic lift that utilizes a twin cylinder design to ensure smooth and efficient performance.

Lowest maintenance costs in mind
The ultimate goal of the groundbreaking new DMD design is to offer a high performing medium- duty rail-style gate combined with low maintenance needs. The DMD features two direct acting cylinders versus competing concepts with one horizontal cylinder and cables and/or pulleys. Consequently, the DMD has fewer moving parts resulting in less ongoing maintenance.

Key Features

  • The pump and motor assembly is housed within the liftgate's main structural enclosure
  • The DMD utilizes a unique twin cylinder lifting design that eliminates the maintenance costs associated with other chain or cable equipped liftgates
  • The DMD is factory pre-filled with a multi-temp viscosity oil that ensures smooth and trouble-free liftgate operation even in the coldest and harshest environments
  • The DMD features fully sealed switches and harnesses to protect them against corrosion
  • Domestic as well as international chassis compatible light options
  • Recessed lights and license plate holder
  • All aluminum platforms

Discover the Maxon Advantage
A Leading Suite of Products, with over 50 years of experience.

Since 1957, when Max Lugash invented the first Tuk-A-Way lift, we’ve been driven by innovation. This drive has led us to develop a leading suite of products to best meet a wide variety of needs.

From our direct-lift, low-maintenance Mighty Max liftgates for pick-ups and other light-duty applications, to the most capable and sophisticated column lift available on the market today—the BMR-A, our unique product line was developed with your needs in mind.

Incorporating advances such as MaxPro® paint, the most durable finish available on a liftgate, true level ride mechanisms, automatic stowage functions, and hydraulic locks to protect the gate operator, Maxon lifts define the standard for the best gates in the world, regardless of the application.


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