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Western 27170 UltraMount to UniMount Conversion Kit

Western 27170 UltraMount to UniMount Conversion Kit

- This easy-to-use UltraMount to UniMount conversion kit enables you to attach a UniMount plow to a vehicle equipped with an UltraMount System vehicle mount.
- This kit is perfect if you have multiple snow plows, providing your fleet with versatility while changing to the UltraMount System.
- It is also ideal when transferring an old UniMount plow to a late model vehicle.
- When you are ready to replace the UniMount plow, the truck will already be equipped with the mount and wiring for an UltraMount plow.
- Designed for use with all Standard, PRO, and 8.5 MVP UniMount plows.

$370.40 USD

Product #: 27170

Ships in 1 to 2 Business Days

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