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UTV Bed Spreaders

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Western Extension Collars

Extension Collars

0.25 cu yd extension collars are available as an accessory to increase material capacity for UTVs and compact trucks that can handle the additional weight.
Western Spill Guard Kit

Spill Guard Kit

A Spill Guard Kit provides the loader with an improved line of sight to the hopper edges, extending the edges of the hopper to 60” for the 0.35 cu yd model. This allows loading with a 5’ loader bucket and prevents overflow and spill into the bed of the vehicle.
Western Spill Guard Kit

LED Work Light Kit

See more to do more with the Work Light Kit for better visibility at the rear of your spreader at night. Encased in anodized aluminum, and good to less than minus 20 degrees, this LED work light will put over 1000 lumens where you need them, when you need them. The LEDs mean low amp draw, so you can easily use more than one.
Western Material Control Tube (Auger Tube Restrictor Kit)

Material Control Tube (Auger Tube Restrictor Kit)

Prevent leaking issues when using fine pellet and flake materials, such as many commercially available non-salt ice melt materials. The material control tube is a sleeve that holds the auger and prevents expensive, fine grain ice melt materials from uselessly leaking out as you drive down the road.
Western Optimum Flow Kit

Optimum Flow Kit

The optimum flow kit improves material flow and allows spreading of a 50/50 salt/sand mix with a vibrator and dual pitch baffle. The vibrator helps to keep material moving inside the hopper while the dual pitch baffle maintains an even feed of material to the auger, preventing bridging and over loading of the auger motor.
Western Dielectric Grease

Dielectric Grease

Don't risk corrosion problems—use WESTERN dielectric grease! Western Products recommends all owners consistently use our special formulation dielectric grease to protect all electrical connections in the tough winter snow, ice and salt conditions.

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